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Your first arrival in Assam and Hotel Information

You need not worry much regarding yur arrival here as Assam is well connected with the rest of India as it is the gateway for north eastern region of India.

Indians require no permit to visit any parts of Assam. The foreigners, however, are required to have valid Indian visa to enter the state of Assam

You can try any of the options to reach Assam.

By Air
: The state has one international Airport in Guwahati. Other airports are Jorhat, Dibrugarh, Tezpur, North Lakhimpur and Silchar. The following Airlines
operate regular flights to Assam

Indian Airlines, Spice jet, Jet Airways, Air Sahara, Kingfisher, IndiGo and Air Deccan.

By Road: A network of National Highways and other roads connect Assam other Indian cities. Guwahati is the junction of National Highway Nos.31,37,40 and52.It is the nodal point for road transport in the region. Beyond Guwahati ,rail network is limited, making the road network important. Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC) has bus services linking Guwahati with towns in nearby states. Other state transport corporations and private operators added to the region's network. Bus travel is not expensive. Tourist buses are better than ordinary ones and have overnight services to many towns.

Night Bus services:Currently night bus services are available to: Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Tinsukia, Silchar, Dimapur, Kohima, Imphal, Aizwal and Itanagar.Services offered by Assam State Transport Corporation,

The tourist destinations in Assam are also well connected by road network.

By Rail: A convenient Indian Railways network runs through out the state connecting major Indian cities with Assam. A train Journey to Assam is an enriching experience especially to the lovers of nature. With its green hills, mighty rivers and dense woodlands, Stretching from 24º to 28º North Latitude and from 90º to 96º East Longitude, the state is landlocked on all sides by both national and international territory

On Motorcycles:

Kick Start Adventure ( ) provide you with Royal Enfield Motorcycles and excellent staff to conduct your memorable motorcycling tour of your life through the Valleys of Assam.

To book use this link :

To start a sojourn of Assam it is advisable to book a ticket to Guwahati, which is the Capital of Assam. As it is located in the Centre of assam, stratagically and logistically it is easier for you to plan your next trips.

The Gopinath Bordoloi Airport is in the outskirts of the Guwahati City and pre-paid taxis are available round the clock.

The Railway Station is in the heart of the City, so you can hire autorickshaw / pre-paid taxis to go to any of the hotels.

Hotels in Guwahati

4 Star Hotels in Guwahati

Hotel Dynasty
Hotel Raj Mahal

3 Star Hotels in Guwahati

Hotel Ambarish
Hotel Ambarish Grand Residency
Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok
Hotel Kuber International
Hotel Nandan
Hotel Rituraj
Hotel Vishwaratna

Economy Hotels in Guwahati

Hotel Ambassador
Hotel Apollo
Hotel Belle Vue
Hotel Blue Moon
Hotel Chilarai
Hotel Crown
Hotel Embassy
Hotel Gangotri
Hotel Hillview
Hotel Nova
Hotel Prag Continental
Hotel President
Hotel Samrat Continental
Hotel Starline
Hotel Trimurty International
Hotel Vikash International
Hotel VIP International
Mayur Hotel

PROXIMITY: Most of these Assam Hotels lie within or in close proximity to the city center and are easily accessible from the nearest railway stations and airports.

COMFORT: The rooms of the Hotels in Assam are artistically spacious, airy, and well maintained. They are also artistically decorated and offer a wide range of amenities that can be necessities or luxuries.

CUISINES: The restaurants in the Hotels in Assam, India serve an array of cuisines of various parts of India and the world. However, the dishes that lure the taste buds of the tourists the most are the local delicacies. Those belonging to the higher categories also have café and a well-stocked bar.

FACILITIES: The Assam Hotels have resourceful business facilities that include the provision of conference or banquet halls that are well equipped with the necessary technologies to serve the business needs of the modern day. Other parties and social ceremonies can also be organized in these venues.

Due to rush during October (Durga Puja Holidays) and mid November to mid February period, it is always better to book your stay online.

The URL's are




For any more information search in with the search criteria
Hotels in Guwahati

Travel through Assam:

Once the tourists step in Assam, he does not have to worry about Assam getting around. He can access the various mode of transport in the state. The vehicles available for moving around from one destination to another within the state, are buses, taxis and cars available on rent.

The tourists spots in Assam can be reached by hiring cars. The national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are the most visited places in Assam. There are several other places of interest in the state. There are many travel agents and booking agencies that assist the tourists in Assam getting around. The car rental services in Assam is available at negotiable rates. The taxi service in Assam is frequent and the rates are fixed and is affordable. The taxis are available from the taxi stands set up in different parts of the city. The service can also be availed on prior booking.

Traveling places in Assam is made easy by the buses that ply in the state. The bus service in Assam is very frequent and they make the journey comfortable and faster. The roadways in Assam are well developed and important highways pass though this state. National Highways 40, 31 and 37 connect the state of Assam with the major cities of India. The Transport Department of Assam and various other privately owned buses ply on the roads. Buses for traveling in night are also available in the major cities of Assam.

To find out more on Assam getting around, please click on the following links:

* Buses
* Taxis
* Car Rentals

Tourist Centres

Important tourist centres of the state around Guwahati are Kamakhya Temple, Umananda (Peacock Island), Navagraha (Temple of nine planets), Gandhi Mandap, State Zoo, State Museum, Sukreswar Temple, Geeta Mandir, Madan-Kamdev Temple and Saraighat Bridge. In the rest of the state the places of tourist interest are Kaziranga park (famous for one horned rhinos), Sib Sagar (Shiv Temple), Majuli (largest river island in the world), Chandubi lake, Batadrava (Birth place of great Vaishnav Saint Sankardev), and Saulkuchi (renowned for its silk industry).


The average temperature is moderate, about 84 degrees F (29 degress C) in the hottest month of August. The average valley temperature in January is 61 degrees F (16 degrees C). In this season, the climate of the valley is marked by heavy fogs and a little rain.

Assam does not have the normal Indian hot, dry season. Some rain occurs from March onwards, but the real force of the monsoon winds is faced from June onward. Rainfall in Assam ranks among the highest in the world; its annual rainfall varies from 70 inches in the west to 120 inches per year in the east. Large concentrated during the months from June to September, it often results in widespread destructive floods. Much of the state is covered with dense tropical forests of bamboo and, at higher elevations, evergreens. Common animals of Assam include the elephant, tiger, leopard, rhinoceros, and bear.

The specialty of Assam Climate lies in its highest levels of humidity. Since the state of Assam is known to have maximum amount of rainfall, hence the temperatures never go beyond the standard 35 degrees to 38 degrees.

On the one hand, the hilly regions of Assam experience a suitable sub-alpine climatic condition, on the other hand, the plain lands of the state go through excessive humid weather.

Primarily, the climate of Assam is categorized under two prime heads – rainy season and winter months. While the rainy season starts from June, the winter months begins with the onset of October. The minimum temperature which is found in the coldest of months in Assam ranges from six to eight degree Celsius.

The occurrence of rains begins with the month of June in the land of Assam. More often than not, the intensity of rainfall crosses such an extent that invariably leads to natural catastrophes like floods. Various districts of Assam, both in remote and prominent areas, experience large-scale damage of agricultural crops, loss of livestock and much other allied destruction.

The agro-climactic conditions of Assam have made it possible to make agriculture as one of the significant sources of income generation. The Brahmaputra River has acted as the prime catalyst in transforming the lands of Assam into fertile zones where various cash crops are grown today. All the lands of Assam are characterized by alluvial qualities.


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The best period to visit is from December to March.

Since a visit to assam cannot be called complete without a visit to the World Heritage site, the Kaziranga National Park, hence I am letting you know that the park usually remains closed for visitors from May to October.

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Your first arrival in Assam and Hotel Information. Nice Blog
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