Friday, February 29, 2008

References and thanks

This blog is created with the sole purpose of letting people know about answer every query that may raise in a strangers mind about Assam In simple and bold terms my initiative is


.. and

--- NOTHING ELSE...absolutely nothing else ......

To create this Blog I have searched and received information
through the internet,
through Google,
through emails from colleagues, friends, relatives, researchers, etc.
through news letters from Posoowa,, etc

Images taken has been from Google or some websites. My special thanks goes to Dibya da and Gauri Sankar for sharing some wonderful photographs.I hope if any body has a concern with certain photographs or material i have included here, please write to me @ my email ID, I will immediately delete the concerned image or content.

If any religious feelings is hurt or facts misrepresented, I apologize for it and please forgive me for that as I have collected all these information and is posting it to glorify Assam...Nothing Else is on my mind behind my any act in this endevour.

I would like to thank Mr Rajen Baruah, (Houston, USA), Dr.Utpal Bora(USA), Bina Hazarika(England), Bipul Jyoti Saikia ( my bhindeo who is married to my dearest Neighbour Runjun Baa and the Son-In-law of Assamese Writer, Tushoprava Kolita), Pallav Saikia (now in USA), Maheswata Barua, Rini Kakoti(London) and so many of such great personalities of Assam who have advised me or whose work i have found suitable to put up this blog.I would like to thank every person whose work OR help I have taken to put up this blog and duely apologise if his name or reference has been missed !!!

My special thanks goes to the NIC department of Assam for their district wise individual websites. I hope these websites will be more tourism centric than they are at present to showcase each district in their individual glory with far more importance on places which have tourism potential.

I would like to thank Sunita Ba and Labhita Bou for having an exclusive Assamese cuisine related blog each to let others know about the cuisines and delicacies of Assam.I have taken some photographs from their Blogs to showcase the Assamese cuisines as very less amount of photographs are available. For any foreigner these blogs are very informative about Assamese cuisine with beautifully taken photographs and easily comprehensible and well written menus.

Last but not the least,I would like to thank Looitporia, Assam Association of Hyderabad and specially my editor-in Chief for the Looitporia Newsletter, Labhita Baa for guiding and motivating me to do this research work, which otherwise would not have come to my mind at all though i faced a identity crisis all the time.

My only hope is that this would help every guest (stranger) of Assam

a)to know assam better
b)to think of a visit to Assam to see
------1) wild life in assam
------2) Holy places in Assam
------3)historical places in Assam

c)to think of doing research about Assam's
4)Music and dance
5)Vaishnavism and Xatriya Culture
6)Art work
7)Flora and Fauna, etc

Every care has been taken to verify all the facts related to Assam, yet if any distortion is noted,please let me know.I am open to constructive criticism about this blog.Please always feel free to contact me in case you have any issues regarding this blog at Contents of this blog are meant for anyone who wants to use it to project assam better in any work or research pursued by the individual or the organization.

ধন্যবাদ !!
জয আই অসম !!
জয জযেতো মোৰ চিৰ চেনেহী অসমী আই !!

Long Live Assam !!

--- For the Guest who have visited this blog, I strongly hope you are seriously thinking of arranging a Ticket to India for a tour of Assam Now !!!

--------We await your arrival !!

+++++--------------Assam beckons you--------------+++++++

or should I wish you

+++++++++-----------Bon Voyage to Assam -----------++++++++++++


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