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Places to visit in South Assam - Karbi Anglong District


Tourist Spots of Karbi Anglong District

Karbi Anglong or the land of the Karbis may well be called the heart-beat of Assam. This beautiful, large sprawling district lies in the centre of Assam. This enchanting hills district with its diversely rare flora and fauna has remained untouched and undiscovered. Mother nature has indeed been very generous to Karbi Anglong yet its potentialities for tourism remain sadly untapped.

The peculiarity in the topography of the district lies in the fact that there are actually two parts in this district. The western part part is bifurcated from the Eastern side by a part of Nogaon district. Thus we have the Hamren Sub-division on the Western part with its rolling hills,dense forests, Waterfalls, rivers abd streams. Come to the East and you are greeted with a combine of flat paddy lands, green hills interspersed with blue meandering rivers.
While summer in Karbi Anglong can be hot and humid and generally lasts from June to August, the remaining parts of the year are pleasant and bracing. The Peak season for tourists to visit the district is October to March.


Located at 120 Kms. from Diphu ; 30 Kms from Lanka (Nogaon District) Amreng is a river cape situated between Kapili river and its tributary "Amreng River" surrounded by mystic blue hills and evergreen forest, it is famous for unique natural beauty. Tourist Map had referred to it as Panimur, Koka Hills or Amreng, All the same area.The founder of the village named it as "RIVER CAPE INDIA". Tourist Lodge is on the river bank.


Temperate grassland in Tropical country, Khanduli is Newzealand of East. Extensive grassland with undulating moulds which looks like desert sand dunes in the clear moonlight, 26 Kms. from Hamren Sub-Division , Head quarter of West karbi Anglong, on Jowai-Shillong Road, 70 Kms from Jowai,Meghalaya. This Location with with unattended beauty suitable for pensive study trip, seclusive honeymoon, family holidays throughout the year.

Umang is another temperate grassland, having characteristic similar features with Khanduli. The entire area of 35 sq. Km is high table land with natural grassland more or less flat surface and surrounded by one big river and one small perennial river on three sides. Situated at just 15 Kms. from Umroi Airport (Meghalaya), Umwang is adjacent to another tourist centre at Khanduli which will be connected by Birdle Path to facilitate beautiful trekking expedition of 12 Kms. and another tracking path of 16 Kms to Baithalangso Tikka Tourist Centre. Rafting and Angling expedition on river Barapani, golf course of 15 to 20 holes, horse riding, hang gliding expedition are suitable attractions of this centre.

Expeditions to Singhason, the highest peak of the district with altitude of about 1600 mtrs. through rainforest, reverie, rocky hills with enchanting sight and sound. The expeditions will have additional thrill while evaluating with varieties of birds and animals including barking deer, pygmy hog, spotted deer, varieties of monkeys, langoors, birds of unspecified and specified varieties including Himalayan Horn Bills in their natural abode. During the 2nd World War the British had developed the hill top into an Army Air-Strip which remains in its original form and now provides a pleasant camp site for further development. This spot is also a natural watch tower of the entire Brahmaputra Valley, the snow cladded Himalayan ranges, the Patkai and Barail ranges as far as the eye permits. Further , expeditionist will experience the warm tropical climate maximum 35 degree C to 17 degree C in summer and 25 degree C to 10 degree C in winter within the 30 Km distance only.


In Karbi Anglong context, Kaziranga is KOHORA and both are of same entity. Kaziranga Wild Life Sanctuary has peak season for four months and remaining eight months of the year is too long to keep dormant of revenue oriented organisation like tourism. Further Sanctuary visit involve an hour or less and tourist may require incentive activity for the remaining hours of the day. To fill up the gaps with viable activities were proposed which will not only create additional attractions, but also enhance the present infrastructure available.

Other Resorts :

In and around Diphu you are added with diversified scope and attraction with the following resorts :-


Developed by forest department with planned landscape of Local vegetation's and varieties having 13.0 hec. area suitable for family picnic just at 8 kms from Diphu Town through out the year.


At 5 km from Diphu Town , a mechanised with nature conservation coupled with semi-natural water body preserved and conserved with beautifully developed surroundings. You may take a small stroll, rowing as well as arrange picnic with family or friends.


Just adjacent to the Arboretum and Botanical garden is notified but under developed wildlife sanctuary called "Marat Longri " the Animals Empire. Born out of presence of varieties of animals species and existing thick forest you can see the animals in their natural habitat through out the year.


Projected to develop small but scientifically built Disney Land with varieties of activities. This is a small world of difference within the heart of the town for 24 hours a day for 12 months.


A rare spectrum of cultural centre with amphitheater and open auditorium artistically designed and blended with natural landscape and beauty. Devised for regular display of varieties of dances of all tribal communities at one place, it is where you can live with every types of the North-East at one place. Maintained by Karbi Cultural Society (KCS). There is regular annual cultural fete and fare. Peak season February. Other activities throughout the year.
Following Joint initiative by all Department / Line Department, the following Tourist Attraction Programme have been chalked out for current Year(2001)

Activities :
Sl. No. Activities Time Schedule
1 Para-Gliding at Khanduli October & November.
2 Angling Festival at Koka (Panimur) 3 to 4 days (November)
3 Rafting Expedition over River Kopili
from Koka (Panimur to Amreng) November
4 Trekking to Singhason Peak December
5 Taralangso Youth festival February ( 4 to 5 days Cultural Programme)