Monday, February 4, 2008

Places to visit in Central Assam - Morigaon District



· Patekibori Than

· Pabitora Wildlife Sanctury

· Sitajakhala

· Deosal Siva Temple.

· Kachasila Hill.

· Asia's Largest Dry Fish Market.

* Pabitora Wildlife Sanctury :

Legend says that the King of Mayong gave this name Pabitara to this forest in the name of his lovely daughter who died in her youth.

On 18.11.1971 , this forest was declared as Reserved Forest, keeping in view that the one horned Rhinos are abound in it.

On 16.7.1987 Pabitara was declared as Pabitora Wildlife Sanctury with an area of .
38.83 Hectars. It is an ideal habitat for the world famous endangered one horned Rhino with a density of five Rhinos in every square K.M. Pobitora is also rich in migratory birds, rare species of birds, wild buffeloes and wild pigs. It is about 17 Km. from National Highway No.37 from Chamata. One I.B. is there for the tourists. Boating is another pleasure at Haduck Beel at Pobitara.

** Kachasila :

Just few Kms. away from Pabitora to the top of Kachasila Hills, an ancient temple, perhaps of 9th Century ,with statues of Lord Shiva and Parvoti. There is also a large number of statues of Lord Ganesh. The statues and coriin stones are the matters of research.

*** Deosal :

It is situated by National Highway no.37 about 4 kms. away from Jagiroad town, with a big ancient temple of Lord Shiva. Shiva Ratri Mela is observed every Year very colourfully. Local people believe that Deosal was the Ashram of Valmiki, where Sita Devi was left by Rama.

**** Sitajakhala :

It was discovered in the last year of the fourth decade of the last Century. Several steps were made by cutting the stones from the temple to the River Killing at the Sita Jakhala Hills.The wall of the temple is full of statues of Hanuman & Sita herself. So people believe that Valmiki cut those stones as steps for Sita to go to the river from the temple when she was pregnant and leftby Rama. So the steps got the name SITA JAKHALA. This area is very rich in cattle population.

***** Sivakunda :

This is a water fall in the Amsoi hills, located about 10 National Highway no.37 towards south. It is a picturesque spot and a large number of people gather from October to March for picnic.

****** Joon Beel Mela :

A traditional mela of barter where people of the hills come to the plains with the goods produced in hills and exchange it with the goods produced in the plains according to their need. When this practice was started is not known clearly but the king of Gova gave it an organised form. During Magh every year this Mela is held, symbolising the mutual under standing between hills & plains.

******* Dry Fish Market :

Asias largest dry fish market is situated at Jagiroad in Morigaon District. Consignments of sea and freshwater dry fish from every corner of the country, particularly from Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Bihar come to this market. Locally in Assam also some of amount of dry fish is produced . This dry fish is mainly supplied to the hill states like Nagaland, Manipur , Mizoram, Meghalaya and Arunachal . Some portion of dry fish is supplied to South Asian Countries and also to Singapore and Malaysia.

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